• Powder Sieve Analysis are generally used for laboratory research and particle size analysis of raw materials. Available in wet and dry sieving.Up to 8 layers.

  • Powder Sieve Analysis is widely used in laboratories,quality inspection and other inspection departments.The product has the advantage of compact structure,low noise,high efficiency,high accurate.High quality new power generator produces multiple high frequency vibration by which makes efficient screening and determination to raw material.At the same time,different working hours can be settled through electronic delayer.The test error rate is reduced to the lowest lever,to ensure the consistency analysis of data samples,making accurate judgment on the quality of the products.Mainly used for detection of particle size distribution of granular materials,products or content of impurities,and the content of solid materials in liquid.
    Layer(s): 1-8 Layers
    Product Name:Powder Sieve Analysis
    Place of Origin:Henan,China
    1.Structure is more compact,body weight is lighter.

    2.More durable,lighter,faster and more convenient.

    3.More simple to maintenance,easy to buy and repair the parts.

    4.Up to 8 interchangeable sieves in a column.

    5.Screen surface without block,feeding material quickly,screening completely.
    1.Packaging: We usually use wooden boxes,or you can tell us about other requirements.

    2.Transportation:We can air or land.

    Pre-sales service:
    We provide you with the prophase plan,process flow design and manufacturer equipment according to your special demand.

    Sale services:
    Send technicians to the jobsite for guiding the installation and adjustment,training operators and finishing the check together with you.

    After-sale services:
    We provide one-year warranty to make sure your machine runs consistently.We always keep certain inventory level of spare parts.

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